Our Story

Tradition is at the heart and soul of what is served up on your platters at K-Tower. Located along Amoy Street, K-Tower started out as a vision to bring together close family and friends to dine as one, engaging in the cooking of seafood together, and to savour the freshness of seafood.

Inspired by the “9 Layer Seafood” in the recent travels of the founders to Korea, K-Tower uniquely represents the latest gastronomical hit of the seafood tower that was recently sparked off in Korea. Keeping to the authentic Korean style of the seafood tower, fresh seafood is steamed within the tower, with varieties of seafood stacked up in tiers, where the essence of seafood trickles downwards and amalgamates in a steaming hot pot of goodness.

True to its belief that seafood must be enjoyed fresh and delivering the succulent juices of the ocean to your very tastebuds, K-Tower seeks to transform your dining experience when it comes to delicacies from the sea, by having live seafood tanks within the restaurant itself. As K-Tower says it, it’s all about “The goodness of the ocean, all in one steaming pot”.

” The goodness of the ocean, all in one steaming pot “